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How do I automatically insert a mark of zero for a question marked out of zero?

This is getting really annoying... please help!

I have a quiz assessment worth 10 marks.  All questions except one are automatically marked.  The one that isn't is a file upload question worth zero.  (It is there to give students a chance to practise such file uploads prior to these being very important later in the course.  By experience this practice is necessary as many students find file upload difficult in Canvas.)   There are 160 submissions for this quiz and I need to release marks now.

The "speedgrader" is unbearably slow.  This might be due to the server we use which can take a minute to respond to a keypress. Manually using this to enter 0 for each of the 160 students would take a whol afternoon.

How do I automatically mark the remaining question 0/0 to enable the quiz to be released?

I tried exporting the gradebook and removing all assignments but this particular one (the marks are there) and re-importing it. Canvas say no changes have occurred so refuses to do anything.  I am back to square one.

I tried posting the grades anyway, as the numbers in Canvas are correct.  Canvas says "no grades to post".

My boss is nagging me to do other work and I am *incredibly* busy.  Do I really have to say to him that we have a computer system that can't automatically insert the only possible mark it could be, and he needs to let me spend a whole afternoon doing this by hand?

Please help!!!


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For all people in the empty set that helped me with this question thank you. This is a really great forum!

It seems that canvas had the correct marks for this assessment but refused to post them.

In the grade book there was an icon in place of the mark. If I click the box where this mark should go I can see the mark, and if I manually enter the same mark all is fine until I navigate away and then the icon returns and the marks still can't get posted. This would have been quicker than the "speed"grader but didn't work.

What I eventually did was this:

I downloaded all the grades with gradebook CSV export.
I uploaded incorrect grades with gradebook CSV import making sure that all students had new different grades. (I chose 0.5 as no student had received half marksfor the real assessment.)
I waited 1/2 hour for the server to do this.
I then uploaded the correct grades with gradebook CSV import.
This fixed the problem for nearly 80% of the cases.  But not all.  I could not see why not.
For the remaining 20 or so students even this didn't allow their marks to get posted, so I did these manually in the "speed"grader. This last step only took an additional 1/2 hour or so of mindless unnecessary work.

So thank you Canvas for a truly unique computer system with features completely unlike any I have ever seen. Forgive me, but I will not be recommending it to anyone.