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How do I change the height in a table row?

How do I change the height of one row in a Table I inserted?

I tried to change the HTML code which I read to be 2'', but when I changed that number to 1" nothing happened.

I tried to use the Cell properties function for row, but numbers there did not save either, so the row height stayed the same.

Can anyone help out here?

Thanks so much!

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Explorer II

I need to see your HTML codes. Generally, if you are using RCE's table, and if the width of the cell is fixed, the rows' height is defined by the highest column of this row. If in the same row, there is a column that contains multiple lines of text, the height of this row will be increased to fit the lines of this particular column regardless of which other columns you are in.

An ultimate solution is to take out all the heights and width in each and every cell. 

This said, <p>tag may also cause space in-between, take out the <p> tags may solve the problem.

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