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How do I create assignments for only students in a certain condition

Is there any way by which I can create an assignment for some students but not for others? For example, we want to allow students to only submit responses for 10 assignments throughout the course, but the students can choose which assignment to submit. So some students might already have 10 responses, so they should not be allowed for submitting responses to the other assignments. Since it's quite a big class, so we don't want to identify which students have already done so individually. Any way to solve this?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @RachelGuan -

That's an interesting idea! I can see this working within a module OR an assignment type. However, based on what features and options are currently available in Canvas, I can't think of something to make it work without a notable amount of manual work. (ie: excused in the gradebook after counting)

I also see how dropping the lowest X scores wouldn't help either as the students are submitting extra work...and extra submissions means more feedback and grading for instructors.

Within Module Requirements, I could see how the "complete one of these assignments" option would make a good space to customize that number, depending on the needs of the course.


I encourage you to create an Idea Conversation and share the idea with the Canvas Community. I think other instructors would join the discussion. 😎

How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community?