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How do I create navigation with in a wikipage and the course syllabus page?

My students have been complaining about the "link outs" to wiki pages in my course syllabus but if I put all the info into one page it would be very long and they would likely not read it anyways.  I've been wanted to compromise by creating anchor tags to headings within the wikipage itself (like you can do in wikispaces--create a table of contents, etc).  How do I do this in Canvas without having to learn HTML coding?

Thank you!


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Hi Kathleen,

I think this feature is not possible in canvas. However, you can use accordions for that purpose. You can see them alive here:

Option 1: Tabs - No Javascript: Jeremy's Community Resources

Option 2: Accordion - No Javascript: Jeremy's Community Resources (My favourite)

Go to the comments around this topic here to find more info  Using jQuery without Custom Javascript


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Community Coach


Creating anchors to content inside a single Canvas page in your course is possible, but it will require a little bit of HTML editing.  I found a website that might help you with what you are trying to do: Knowledge Base: Add Anchor Tags To Jump To Specific Location On A Page.  I tested out the instructions from this website in my own sandbox account, and it worked as expected.  You might want to try creating an anchor in a test course or a page in your current course that you're not going to publish (so you can play around with it as much as you want).  Then, when you are happy with the results of what you've created, you can publish the page or apply the same concept to an existing page.  Hope this helps!



I tried adding <a name="whatever">some text</a> to a webpage using the HTML editor, and it does not seem to save.  After I save and then edit the page again, the anchor tag has been removed.  Any ideas?


Greetings Patricia,

In Canvas, I believe that you have to use id instead of name. So try <a id="whatever">some text</a> instead and then your link to that text would be <a href="#whatever">Click here to go to Whatever</a>


That did it -- I was using "name" instead of "id."  Thank you!

Community Team
Community Team​, since you've prompted a discussion where various solutions might prove to be equally valuable, I've changed the format of your post to a discussion. I've also shared it with the Instructional Designers​ group, as the members of that group have likely had the most experience designing pages of the type you've described.

While it might ultimately not be possible to accomplish what you're after without learning at least a little bit of HTML, I would say: Don't fear the code! Smiley Happy This is my go-to site whenever I'm about to switch views to the HTML Editor: HTML Tutorial long as you also heed the Canvas HTML Editor Whitelist.


Thank you!  Thank you also to everyone who sent suggestions.  I've been needing to learn html coding for awhile now, I guess this will just force me to.  *sigh*  :smileygrin:




I just found this discussion while trying to figure out how to put an FAQ page on my course page for an 100+ person class so that we don't have to answer the same basic questions over and over again. For example: Do I have to buy my books at the bookstore or can I order them from an online reseller? That answer was explained on the first day of class, but there is continual fluctuation of the roster during add/drop/swap. Another example: What do I do if I miss class? The absentee policy is spelled out on the syllabus, but whether or not you have work to make up depends upon whether you are missing lecture or your discussion section AND depends upon your individual Teaching Assistant in charge of your discussion section.

The explanation that you linked for anchor tags from the Typepad Knowledge Base is great and I notice that the HTML bit is after the explanation of how to use a tool for anchor tags in that platform's Rich Text Editor.

Even though Anchor Tags don't work with the Canvas App in iOS, it seems like that would be an awesome tool to have in Canvas in the Rich Content Editor, so I am going to suggest it but wanted to make sure that you ALL knew I got the idea from this discussion and Stefanie's excellent sleuthing for the HTML.



SIDE NOTE:  I just went to submit the idea (and, of course, found out that is changing) and the very page that tells how to submit feature ideas is FILLED with anchor tags. Hmm.


Thanks for the shoutout,​! :smileyblush: Even though the feature idea process is on hold at the moment, I wanted to provide the link here to the feature idea you just created, so that once the process resumes people will have the link right at hand: