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How do I download or delete files when no bitton is provided?


I am leaving the university and would like to download my files from my courses but many of the courses are not allowing me to download or delete files. Also I was advised to import a course, however, I have no information how to open the file. None of the apps that I have can open it. Please advise. Thanks,

Farah A. Ibrahim


School of Education and Human Development.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi fibrahim Thank You for your question.

I'm wondering if you have tried this yet I think it contains the information you require.

If not, just let us know a bit more detail and we will see what we can do for you.

Best of luck with your new venture too. 

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Hello Bobby:

Thank you for your response! I appreciate you taking the time to share information with me. I did export one course, but there is no utility on my computer to open it. I guess, if other institutions have Canvas, I could import it. My real problem is that some of courses have no download option, only sending them to commons. This is what I am struggling with right now. Thanks again.



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Check out:

(1) Ibrahim & Heuer chapter in: Perera & Chang (2018): Biopsychosocial approaches to understanding health in South Asian Americans. Springer series on Cross-cultural research on health, illness and wellbeing.

(2) Ibrahim, Ivey, Pedersen, & Ivey (2018): Intentional group counseling: Best practices for a multicultural world. Cognella Academic.

(3) Ibrahim & Heuer (2016): Cultural and social justice counseling: Client specific interventions. Springer series on Cross-cultural and international psychology

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Farah,

I was having a look around and I think I can add to what  @Bobby2  has suggested with some additional information about the ISMCC download format. As per Q: I downloaded a folder with an extension .imscc however, I am unable to view the contents. Is it p...  the ismcc is actually just a zip file, you can rename the .ismcc to .zip and then extract the contents out for viewing.

With regards to only some courses being able to be downloaded, I am puzzled as to why this would be happening. I had a good look into the permissions and am not seeing any option that would cause the export to be blocked.

For the second part, you may need to reach out to Canvas Support (via the help menu) or your school's administrator to ask if they have set anything special up that might be restricting your ability to download a course export ISMCC file for some courses.

I hope that helps!


Thank you Stuart. I believe it is an issue with my institution setup. I appreciate the information about imported files.



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