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How do I edit my students names in Canvas? It is showing their names as their email.

When I invited my students, I invited them via email. It now shows their name as their email address and unsure how to change that. Mine also shows my name as my email address. Any ideas?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @caitlynk13 ...

Are you using a Free for Teachers account, or does your school have a paid Canvas environment?  The way it works for us is that people are first created as "users" in Canvas.  Then, they are enrolled in courses with either a "Teacher" or "Student" role.  If an instructor or a student is added to a course prior to being added first as a "user" within the Canvas environment, then we would see an e-mail address listed in the "People" area of the you've described in your question.  But, because people are already in Canvas as "users", the instructor/student names appear correctly in the "People" page of the course rather than displaying their e-mail addresses.  You might want to check with your school's local Canvas administrator about how to get this corrected within your course.

I hope this will help a bit...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.