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How do I email all the students in my class from Canvas?

I am using Canvas for the first time and I would like to email all my students through the CANVAS infrastructure.  Can you please help me figure out how to do that?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @zamperet ...

Canvas doesn't really have e-mail.  It has a messaging system via the Canvas Inbox.  This means that you cannot send an e-mail message to family and friends via the Canvas Inbox.  Nor can you receive e-mails via the Canvas Inbox from your family and friends.  This is because those individuals are most likely not enrolled in the same course(s) that you are at your school.  All that being said, yes, it is possible for you to message all your students using the Canvas Inbox.  They will receive your message via the Canvas Inbox.  Also, if they have configured their individual Notification settings, they may get a copy of that message via e-mail, for example.  Here are some Guides for you to look at:

I hope these resources will be of help to you.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, be well.