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How do I format a table to get it to resize as needed?

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I have created a table for my Home page with links to units and other material.  From the Home page, the entire table doesn't show and I have to scroll to the right to get to all links.  If I am on Pages, viewing the page, the entire table shows.  How can I get the table to resize as needed? 

I do not have this problem with the header I created in PowerPoint; it resizes if I am on the Home page or on Pages. 

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Hi  @ryan_corris 

I have a workshop I offer my faculty, and other faculty around our state called Do Not Fear the Code. It is two-hours, hands on, and we run through about 6 simple hacks, and it includes an online classroom of resources that include general info on HTML and the HTML Editor, lots more snippets organized from beginner to expert, and some other goodies. The Canvas course for this is available in the Commons, and you are welcome to make use of it.

Instructure was also nice enough to provide a shell on Instructure.Resources in which I copied this content as a start. We enroll folks from the Community as either teachers or students. This version has grown considerably over the last to years as those with Teacher roles add content. We  called the CanvasHacks Demo Course, and have more than 800 members now! You can learn more at and there is a link to self-enroll as a student. If you want to be enrolled as a Teacher (please do!), just send me a direct message with your email address, and I will hook you up - it's my happy place and I love it way more than Disney!


Thanks! I'll definitely look into that! 

 @kmeeusen  Thank You Thanks so much for sharing!!!  I am curious to know how your "non-HTML" people relate to this? Are they pretty open to it?  Do they feel comfortable using HTML afterwards?  How do you roll this out / market it to let people know what it is and why it is helpful?

 @ryan_corris  Most are very excited actually, but even some of those will never really play with it for one reason or another, or they'll adopt a couple simple ones for regular use in their classrooms and never explore further. I actually get real coders in my workshops on occasion, and they are amazed because they didn't realize you could do that in Canvas.

Some are eager for more!

Thing is, I'm not a coder (just a hack who steals snippets and modifies them to meet my needs) and I tell my participants that right up front.. That helps relieve them that the rest of the workshop won't go right over the top of their heads. Then when I walk them through the first couple simple ones and they realize they can do this, they start getting excited.

I did this at our State's Canvas Conference last year (doing that again next week), and had a 33-seat room that was crammed with 52 participants, and more peeking in the door then leaving, because they were packed in there like cord wood.  People like the idea of simple enhancements that don't require them to be geeks and study for years.


People like the idea of simple enhancements that don't require them to be geeks and study for years.

I concur. I've seen the same thing with some of the Canvancments I've written.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Absolutely  @James !

We are introducing ourselves (slowly) to the joys of API and CSS by exploring your Canvancments. We grab a snippet, modify it using the modification guidelines you provide and - Whammo Zammo, we suddenly feel powerful and in control.


I love feeling powerful through the use of the Canvancements. :smileygrin:

I know it's not a secret, but over here so few of us use it that I am like Wizard of Oz or maybe Felix the Cat with slick tools to do things that would take hours! I'm a big fan of what I can do with the rubrics, assignment due dates, and of course the access reports for the entire course. I just whip those out so quickly to show proof of students looking at specific resources (or not!) that really I feel like I'm making rice-krispie treats and I have to throw some flour on my face to make it seem that I slaved over it. Smiley Wink

Cheers - Shar

Community Coach
Community Coach

I feel like I'm making rice-krispie treats and I have to throw some flour on my face to make it seem that I slaved over it.

LOL... Love it!!

Community Coach
Community Coach

I know what you mean ishar-uw about knowing some things that others think are magic! I've never made it to the level of Felix the Cat, but sometimes I almost feel like Mr Potato Head!

Okay, maybe not even exactly like Mr. Potato Head, but we do share the same hair line.


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As  @chofer ‌ originally asked, seeing the HTML may be a help here that some in the Community could help you with (you'll notice I'm not volunteering myself.....), but my gut feeling is that some of the issue may have to do with the size of the images that you are placing within the table relative to the space available on the page.  I wonder if you have had the opportunity to read over  @clong 's‌ outstanding blog post Home Sweet Homepages without Tables ?  What Chris states there sounds like what may be occurring in your case on the Home page, specifically:  " the task bar on the right side of Canvas effectively takes up 285 pixels."  That explains why the view on the regular Pages area of Canvas shows the entire table:  there is no sidebar in Pages.  That said, however, I admit I am at a loss to explain why the table shows up okay on the Syllabus page but not the Home page, since they both include a sidebar and (from what I can see from my own mediocre abilities using the Firefox Developer) feature the same number of pixels in the main container part of the page where the material goes.