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How do I have Canvas sync grades to Powerschool as percents and not points?

Hi,  every time I sync Canvas to Powerschool my grades are posted in Powerschool as points.  We use percentages.  Then for each assignment in each class, I have to go in and manually change from points to percentages.  Is there a fix for this?  Thank you.

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I would love to know this as well.


Anyone figure an answer to this problem?

I am using the Canvas rubrics and for one assignment I only have 18 points in the rubric with 6 standards. It syncs to PowerSchool as 18 points. I can change the assignment to show percentage in PowerSchool, but the next Canvas sync cycle reverts my change to how it is displayed.  The Canvas assignment shows Display Grade as: Percentage as well.

Quizzes are showing up in PowerSchool as percentage though, even though I have a quiz with a possible 15 points on it.

Surveyor II

Same issue. The individual assignments show up as points. The final grades, thankfully, show up as percentages and match final grades in Canvas. Other teachers have percentages. I wonder if it is confused because of how my grades are set up in Canvas. I do weight the assignment groups. But, also, I weight the assignments within the groups by using points. Some assignments are worth more points than others. Does the issue come from this? Hopefully, not. I'm hoping there is a setting somewhere that can fix the issue...


Still having this issue and was wondering if there was a fix. I was putting grades in Powerschool from external sites and I have students with failing grades because Powerschool is understanding the score as points and not percentage.