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How do I hide the "Unit Grade" columns in gradebook?

Using the new gradebook, there are subtotal categories for each Unit.  In other words, when I create an assignment or quiz and categorize it under a unit, the gradebook then creates a column for that unit and gives a "total" for all things under that category, which is just a subtotal of the overall grade for the academic quarter.  I would like to hide those columns so that my gradebook only displays the individual assignments and quizzes and just the total grade.  This doesn't seem to be an option under the "View" function.  Is there a way to hide them?

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Hello  @jbender ‌, I do not believe there is a way to hide those.  The best option is to move them like to the far right so you never have to look at them.  They are there for that sub-score, especially if you have weighting set up so students and the instructor can see where they stand in each category since straight points or averaging the percents is not an accurate representation of the grade.  

Not the answer I am sure you are looking for but hopefully it helps!