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How do I make canvas change from LA Harbor College online classes to West LA College online classes?

I'm going to be taking online classes for 2 different colleges and I don't know how to look at one of the college classes. What do I do?

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Hi and welcome to the Community!  If you are accessing your classes from a regular computer, you should be able to use each institution's unique Canvas URL when you log in.  Unless you open something like an new incognito window in Chrome, you would need to log out of one institution's Canvas site before logging in to the other. You could also open one school's dashboard in one web browser and the other college's dashboard in a different web browser.

For mobile devices, you might try the method described by here Log in to two colleges in Canvas on cell .

I hope this helps and best wishes!


Hi, I thought I would check back and see if you were able to solve the issue you originally posted about.  Hopefully so and thanks for the update!

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