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How do I re-order discussions

how do I re-order discussion posts?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @dmiller41 

As far as I know, you can sort and filter discussion postings, but cannot reorder them.

How do I view and sort discussion replies as an instructor? 

I did find some related feature ideas currently open for voting that you might be interested in:

If you would like to submit your idea as a feature request you can learn more at How do I create a new feature idea in the Canvas Community?


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Sometimes when I've been asked this question, people are talking about the Discussions area, so I wanted to cover that option, just in case. The discussions automatically sort themselves based on most recent activity. If you want them to appear in a fixed order, you can drag discussions to the Pinned section on top. Then they'll stop moving around.screenshot of Discussions area in Canvas LMS

What is the difference between pinned and unpinned?



On Mon, Aug 13, 2018 at 1:39 PM, <

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @dmiller41 , pinned discussions will stay in the order you want them to stay in on the discussions page. Unpinned will be organized by last time someone posted to the discussion. See the following guide for more information - 

Hope this helps!



Of course Canvas will not let us sort discussion posts by date. I mean to allow us as educators to be able to do that would only provide us with the tools we need to make our job easier. <sigh yet again at the lack of features that are available on all other online learning platforms>


This is still not fixed? It is incredibly inconvenient and counter intuitive. Sortable discussions and groupable discussions are both immeasurably easier than this. It make it harder for those of us who plan ahead!