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How do I set up a quiz so that students must achieve a certain score?

Dear all, 

For my course in Canvas, I want student to complete some quizzes of a total of 100 points with at least 60/100 points. If they do not score more than 60 points, they must take the same quiz again. They can have unlimited attempts. I have to set up 8 of these quizzes. Students must score at least 60/100 points for each quiz to pass the course. I do not need to see their score each time, I just need to see that they have scored more than 60 points in one of their attempts. 

I tried to do thus by adding requirements in the module, however I would have to check student by student whether they completed it. There are more than 400 students in the course, so this would be very impractical. 

How can I set this up? 

Thank you in advance!


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I set my practice quizzes to have a minimum score requirement of 70% using module requirements.  I also require modules to be completed in sequential order, and put the practice quizzes before the graded quizzes.  Students must achieve the 70% score on the practice quiz before they have access to the graded quiz which is recorded in the gradebook.  You could use any simple zero point complete/incomplete one question quiz ("The answer is true") in place of the graded quiz if your only goal is to track performance on a practice quiz.

If your 60% requirement is on a graded quiz you can also use the gradebook's "message students who..." feature to generate a list of those who have not earned at least whatever score equals 60% on the quiz.  You will find this option in the three dot menu on each activity's title in the gradebook

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