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How do I view HTML files produced by Camtasia on Canvas?

Camtasia produces MP4 files and HTML videos. I can upload and view the MP4 files on Studio/Canvas - no problem. However, I would like to view the HTML files because they include a very useful Table of Contents.

Camtasia produces these files XXX.html; XXX.mp4; XXX_config.xml; XXX_embed.css; XXX_player.html; XXX_First_Frame.png; XXX_Thumbnails.png All are needed in order to view the html and Table of Contents.

It is possible to upload these files to "files" on Canvas and launch the html that way, but the files are big it is not possible to do more that a few videos this way. Its also slow.

SCORM creates an assignment, which I want to avoid.

Is it possible to put the Camtasia files on BOX and launch them from Canvas?

This help page from Camtasia suggests it is possible to embed on a web-site, however so far I have been unable to do this using Box and Canvas.

Please can you give me some new ideas on how to view HTML files produced by Camtasia on Canvas  - thanks

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