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Surveyor II

How do we get New Quizzes submissions to show on Instructor To-do List?

Classic Quiz submissions will show on the instructor to-do list but New Quizzes submissions will not. This is very frustrating for instructors. Anyone know why New Quizzes behaves in this way and how we can fix it?

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Surveyor II

I would really like an answer to this. Because of my virtual classes everything is on Canvas and the todo list rules my world. I have actually forgotten to grade a test because it does not show up in the todo list.

Surveyor II

It would be great if it showed up on the course to-do list the same way all other assignment submissions do. It's impossible to tell without significant digging whether a New Quiz grade in the grade book is fully graded or not.  I'd hate to give a student a 15% on an assessment just because I failed to notice that over half the quiz was never manually graded by me. It is SO EASY for manual grading of quiz questions to fall through the cracks if it's not being fed to our instructor to-do list.