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How do you assign nicknames for classes?

How can i assign a nickname to my classes? All of my classes have similar names and i want to easily differentiate them. I was able to do it on my android phone (Witch i do not have any longer) but I do not know how to do so on ios or PC.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @kalanglois  -

These guides should be helpful for you as you reorganize your dashboard!

How do I view course cards in the Dashboard as a student?

How do I view Courses and Groups in the Canvas app on my iOS device? 

After browsing these two links, please reply if you have any other questions! Smiley Happy


I make sure to tell my students about how to do the nicknames, which is such a great feature I think. This is the page I made for my students about the dashboard and about nicknames:

Online Course Wiki / canvasdashboard 

And here's what a student said about nicknames in a post she wrote this week: she says it is her favorite feature!

student blog post screenshot


And here's another student singing the praises of Canvas nicknames for classes! 🙂

screenshot of student blog post

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @kalanglois ...

We have not heard from you since you first posted this question here in the Canvas Community on August 31, 2017.  Have you had an opportunity to review the feedback that you've received from  @klundstrum ‌ and laurakgibbs‌?  Did any of their responses help to answer your question?  Or, are you still looking for some help with your initial question?  If you feel that one of the above responses has helped to answer your question, please go ahead and mark it as "Correct".  However, if you are still looking for some help, please let us know by posting a message below.  For now, I am going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered" because there hasn't been any new activity in this thread for almost two months and because we've not heard from you.  This won't prevent you and others from posting additional questions/comments below related to this topic, however.  I hope that's alright with you, Kathryn.  Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!