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How do you ensure grades will be uploaded into Canvas gradebook?

In one class, all of the grades I enter are going into Q3 gradebook. In my other class that has the same settings (that I can see), none of the grades are in the grade book. None of them are transferring to PowerSchool either even thought I have imported my assignment names from PS and I check all the boxes to have grades transferred over. 

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Hi,  @estepj . Since this deals with an integration with a Student Information System specific to your institution and sensitive student information, this will probably be a question best handled by your local Canvas support personnel. We could try to help figure out why you are not seeing grades appear in one of your courses if we knew the assignment details and a few other things.

Ok. What do you need to know specifically?

To answer your question about Powerschool I would need information only available to those who set up the Powerschool integration for your institution. So I think that part of your question may be impossible for us to answer and you will likely need to ask someone at your school. 

To try to figure out why grades are not in your Gradebook for one of your courses, it would be helpful to see the assignments area of that course, the Gradebook (hiding any student names), and an example of one settings page of the graded assignments in that course.