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How does Canvas help your K-12 school go paperless?

Hi! I am having a conversation with some teachers about how using Canvas could help reduce paper use. Does anyone have real life examples on how their school has saved significant amounts of paper using Canvas? Thanks!

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There's two main examples, that I know for a fact are saving hundreds of sheets in several dozen classes here:

1 - Electronic assignment submissions.  Students use Word (or similar) to create their paper, then instead of printing and bringing to class, they submit to Canvas.  Faculty then can electronically grade it, add their commentary, and electronically send back their feedback and grades.  In addition to using less paper, it's much quicker to complete the process.

2 - Handouts, notes, powerpoints, etc.  Instead of faculty printing out handouts for students, the faculty can just add them to the course, and students can dowload it and look at the electronic copy.