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How does Powerschool Pro treat Canvas assignment decimal points?

Some of my student averages are different in PS Pro than in the Canvas gradebook. It looks like there is something going on decimals, but that is a guess. The scores with decimals (77.5, 88.5, etc) are showing in PS but the overall average in PS is sometimes rounded up, rounded down, not rounded at all? One student for example has a 87.88% in Canvas but an 87% in PS Pro? 

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Hi there,

My understanding that Canvas passes back the entire grade (decimals and all), but it is a system-wide PowerTeacher Pro setting (not user setting) to round those values. If assignments are rounding in an unhelpful way, you could touch base with the system administrator for PowerSchool about the current settings.

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Thank for your reply.

It is not rounding up, or down, or not at all but rather doing all three which is confusing. Our Canvas admin is not aware of any settings to control this. Are you saying you know that there are, in fact, admin settings for this?

Also related, I wonder if the pass back does not recognize certain types of Canvas gradebook values like inc or Not Complete. I wish there was a chart with detailing which Canvas gradebook scores PS recognizes and how it converts it... maybe there is one?? I haven't found one.

I believe these are settings in PowerSchool, not Canvas, that is affecting this. So the sys admin for PowerSchool would be the point of contact for this rounding/truncating issue.

PowerSchool PTP Settings

Regarding how assignments are passed back, the best official Canvas doc to start here that I know of is: