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How "Grade Posting Policy" interacts with "Hide grades"

I'm still trying to sort out the behavior of the Grade Posting Policy, and how it does/doesn't interact with the Hide Grades command.

This is one point of confusion.

  1. 1)  My course has two students. One is the native "Test Student", that we work with in the Student View. The other student is a dummy account that we created just to test & check stuff.
  2. I went into the gradebook, found an assignment, and set the Grade Posting Policy for that assignment to "Manually".
  3. I then entered grades for both students in the gradebook for that assignment. (Note: I have not yet selected "Hide" grades.)

Question: What is supposed to happen with those two newly-entered grades? (Reminder: The GPP is set to "Manually", but the grades are not "hidden".) As of now, I am getting different behavior for both the Test Student and the dummy student.

  1. When I go into Student View... then to Grades... Canvas displays the eyeball-with-a-slash-through-it icon.
  2. When I go into my dummy student account... Canvas displays the actual grade.

Which one is correct?

Thx, Cj


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Adventurer III

If the assignment is set to manually post before grades are entered, then the newly entered grades should be hidden from the student until you go in and post them. The option to Hide grades only appears in the menu if there are grades that are visible to students.Does your test course have a late/missing policy that is applying a grade to the test students before the one you enter, or is this test assignment an autograded quiz?

Audra... maybe you identified it. I did have a "Late/Missing Policy" in place. (I don't see how it would have impacted the assignment and the grade display issues... but...)

I turned off that Late/Missing Policy... then, replicated my problem... and, now, I do not see the disparity in how grades are displayed. Repeat: Now, both the Test Student, and my dummy student, show the eyeball-with-a-slash-through-it icon.

Thx. I guess we can consider the issue closed.

Hi, Cliff,

If you haven't already, would you please report this behavior to Canvas support? You shouldn't have to change the Late/Missing policy for that to work and if there's something going on in the backend we can fix, our team would like to know about it.