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How to Assign to Everyone Else, but not Another

What's the steps to assign to all students except one student? Is the same as assigning it to just one?

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Hi  @ericwhitmer  - Unfortunately yes, and I say "unfortunately" because I am guessing that--like me--you have tried to play around with various settings as though you were going to assign it to the one student who, in fact, you do NOT want to assign it to, but as soon as you remove the one student Canvas quickly changes the setting back to "Everyone" instead of "Everyone Else."  There is really no graceful way to accomplish this other than, indeed, to assign to each student one-by-one.

You are not the only one thinking about this, however.  There is a Feature Idea that was created quite awhile ago that is still open for voting: .  I just now up-voted this myself, so hopefully it can get some love out there!

Ken, do you think another solution would be to assign the excluded student but only give them 1 minute to "complete" the assignment and get a notification to contact the instructor in order to complete the assignment?

Thanks for your help.

Well, that's an interesting work-around Eric! It depends on how it may affect grading, because don't forget excluding students from an assignment grays/blocks out the grading cells for the column in the gradebook. 

On the other hand, would there be anything wrong with just assigning it to everyone and inputting a grade of EX (for excused) in the gradebook for that one student?  That may work, too!  It all depends on the situation, I guess, with the student and the grading.