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How to add signature line to Canvas email

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How do you add a signature line in the Canvas email 

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Hi Renee,

Thank you. I have added my vote and I added a comment there as well. Have a nice day.

Matt Insall, PhD,

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Missouri University of Science and Technology

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From r02

“When you walk by a classroom and you see someone lecturing at the board, that is the one person who is learning in that classroom at that moment."

~ Neil Flemming, 27 September, 2004, University Center East, University of Missouri Rolla


@Renee_Carney @pricejl  This is a feature that we desperately need here in CCPS.  Many families have multiple students, most of whom who have multiple teachers, all of whom utilize Canvas.  PLEASE give additional consideration into making an electronic signature a feature within Canvas Communications/Inbox.  With all students within CCPS utilizing Canvas to support distant learning, this feature would make a world of difference for parents!  

Thanks, and all the best,
Guillermo D. Cockrum
PGP: He, his, him, él, they
Adjunct Instructor Business / Economics
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College of San Mateo / Cañada College
Phone: 650.458.7501
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Wow!  Seeing how this has been an ongoing discussion for two years, I expected to see no interest... since the feature still has not been added.  Seems like it would be a simple thing to do.  For the record, I am interested in having the ability to add a signature line when communicating via Canvas.  Thank you.


This would be a really nice added feature. I agree.

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Please add the faculty capability to set and insert the faculty member's institution signature element in Canvas mail. The faculty's institution standard signature element would elevate the scholarly quality of correspondence and set a necessary scholarly example for students for their correspondence. The preset signature would significantly streamline providing scholarly format replies to student Canvas mail. Thank you.



Gary Ball                                             
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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University                                                 
Florida | Arizona | Worldwide           


I don’t think anyone is reading this? I don’t think many in the Canvas community take the time to read these forums.   It’s a shame this has been a subject for over 2 years and nothing has happened.  Is it too difficult to implement? Why can’t it be an option like it is on our emails?    I read one note that said not enough people are interested. ???? How can that be. ???   How would they know?  Not everyone follows up here.  I think the few who have spoken up about it brought enough valid reasons why a signature would be helpful.  Perhaps our requests are falling on deaf ears?  If so, then this forum is a waste of time! 



I can certainly understand why it seems frustrating when a Feature Idea we want to see included in Canvas hangs around here in the Community for a long time and it seems that Canvas staff doesn't respond.  I can tell you from my own experience that this is not the case at all.  Instruture employees are out here, and they do value our input.  I've seen first-hand that they do come out to the Community to help answer questions and ask clarifying questions on Feature Ideas...among other things.  So, I'm glad to see that stefaniesanders‌ was able to give you an update over in" modifiedtitle="true" title="Create Signatures for the In....

Also, I've submitted many Feature Ideas here in the Community.  Some of those ideas are like the one you're asking about...where they have been open for voting for many years.  For example: or" modifie....  But, at the same time, I've also submitted Feature Ideas here in the Community that I never thought would see the light of day or would even be implemented in Canvas (though, I had my fingers crossed).  And, these Feature Ideas didn't even get that many votes: or" modifiedtitle="....  While I don't have the inside scoop on what their development timeline is...I am glad to see that they were able to implement some of these small requests.

Here are a few documents for you all about Feature Ideas:

I hope these resources will be of help to you, Linda.

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Now that we are doing so much of our communication through the Canvas Inbox feature, this option should pick up some traction. I'm getting tired of typing my name...


I am desperate for an email signature feature in the Canvas Inbox, as well as more functionality within that feature period. It would make my life so much easier