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How to avoid duplicate data when exporting quiz responses (e.g. student analysis CSV)?

My goal: Export quiz results to Google Sheets, manipulate the data in Google Sheets to create graphs and charts. Use the same Google Sheets structure to display data from future quizzes.

The issue: The response count shown in canvas for each question is not the same as in the exported data. For example, for one question, in canvas it shows: Strong agree (44 respondents), Agree (10 respondents). In my exported data, when I use =COUNTIF(range, "Strongly agree") and =COUNTIF(range, "Agree") I get Strongly agree (46) and Agree (12).

Why it's happening: I think it's happening because a few respondents submitted multiple quizzes or "attempts". However, because it's an anonymous survey, there is no way that I've seen to combine the data from multiple attempts. Its seems like Canvas is doing that on the back end for the response data it shows, but when I export it, that "unique=ifying" process is not being done, and I don't know how to replicate it.

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