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How to cancel an incomplete quiz attempt?

I already submitted a math quiz attempt, but I thought I had made a mistake and started another attempt. When re-doing the problem, I found that I had gotten it correct the first time. I want to cancel this attempt, but all it does is exit the page. There is no time limit, so it won't run out, and I can't find any way to stop it? Please help?

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Honestly, this is so dumb. Why wouldn't I have an option to cancel an attempt?? Misclicks happen all the time! Please help.

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Hello and Welcome to the Canvas Community!

I'm guessing that you navigate away from the quiz and when you go back to the quiz page you see something like this with the Resume Quiz button:

resume quiz screen

How many attempts does it say that you have? At this point, resume the quiz and give it your best shot. When you finish you can check the details to see what the scoring is like, in particular look for an indication of the scoring method:

quiz attempt details

In case the last attempt is the one that's kept, contact your instructor and explain your situation.

How do I use the Global Navigation Menu as a student? 

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Hope these suggestions help,
Cheers - Shar


I appreciate the advice. Don't worry, it's already taken care of. It would still be nice if there was an option to cancel an unneeded attempt, though.