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How to change the points of a question from a QTI (zip) quiz

Hello, I have created a quiz in Canvas by importing a QTI (zip) file. The QTI zip file was generated in R/exams package with the function "exams2canvas()". Upon importing the QTI file in the course content, I have noticed that the weight of each question in the quiz (which would differ from question to question) has not been implemented correctly in Canvas (all the questions had a weight of 1, or worth one point). Furthermore, upon trying to manually change the points associated with each of the aforementioned questions, they would not have their associated number of points changed, no matter how many times I would try. All the questions would still be worth one point.

Would there be a way to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

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Are the questions placed into a question group within Canvas? If so, then you cannot control the points per question, you can only set the number of points at the question group level where you tell it how many questions to pick and how many points to make it worth. All questions in that question group are assigned that point value.

It would be problematic to allow the points within a question group to vary as some people might end up with a 100 point quiz while others had a 97 point quiz or a 105 point quiz.

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