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How to convert files to courseware content?

I have a set of courseware files created by vendor including HTML index file, jpg, png, javascript file, etc... How can I upload these files to to the courseware to make it works?

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Hi Welcome to the Canvas Community! While you can upload files to Canvas and link them to modules, including HTML files, it is not advisable to try and build an entire course from HTML files. Each file has to be viewed one at a time within the structure of a module, links to assets and other files become very difficult to manage, and links from one file to another can leave students confused about where they are within the course. If you ask around in the Instructional Designers group, I believe you will find most people will recommend using stand alone HTML files, if any, and a mixture of images, videos, sound files, content pages, and external links.

Here are a few relevant lessons from the Guides: Canvas‌:

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Thanks Adam Williams!

Let me clarify clearly. I have separate HTML files(and a mixture of images, videos, sound files, content pages) for each page of my courseware which developed by iSpring Solutions. The files run perfect in browser. How can I convert or upload those files to Canvas page? I try to copy the HTML source to Rich text editor but it doesn't work. Or I need to use other tools provided by iSpring load to Canvas LMS? I am a newbie and need more time to learn. 




There is HTML, then there is HTML, then there is Canvas acceptable HTML. It is the last one that will pose your first set of challenges. Canvas blacklists many HTML elements, and strips them from your upload. You can find Canvas' approved whitelist at Canvas HTML Editor Whitelist.

Your next challenge is Java script. Canvas will strip all of that out of an upload. This is for security reasons.

You also mentioned,

" I try to copy the HTML source to Rich text editor but it doesn't work."

Are you pasting into the RCE, or into the HTML Editor?  RCE is a text editor, so HTML code stays HTML code. If you paste the HTML into the HTML editor, then Canvas will  convert that to the expected text element when you switch back to the RCE.

You also mentioned,

"Or I need to use other tools provided by iSpring load to Canvas LMS"

If iSpring has an LTI tool for Canvas, I am unaware of it and could find nothing on their website.  I would suggest talking with iSpring support to get their advice on how to proceed. While lesson creation tools can be invaluable - I like SoftChalk - it is important to make sure that those tools work with Canvas.

I just chatted with a support tech from iSpring and he says

"Yeah, the package would definitely work in Canvas LMS. We are fully compliant"

Perhaps another iSping user will chime in here with information on how to make the magic happen. Otherwise, I would suggest talking with iSpring.

Also, I will share your question with the Canvas Developers‌ group where there might be someone experienced with this.