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How to create an interactive glossary page in Canvas LMS?


Our school use Canvas LMS. I am thinking to redesign the glossary page (which is currently in basic text format, long and dry) to interactive page. I know how to make it within Storyline/PPT, but since the words are soooo many (21 words begin with A for example), I have to use the way of webpage. Below is what it should look like in my mind:


But since it involves Javascript, and Canvas LMS only support HTML code, I am wondering if anyone came up with an alternative to help me achieve this effect.

Thank you!! 

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My friend,‌ posted this response to someone else awhile back. It does not answer your question, but it does point you to folks who might be able to................

This is an interesting question and I'm not sure of the answer (or a work around). Yet, I'm going to share this with the LMS Migration Strategies and Instructional Designers groups in the Community to see if they can help or offer up some suggestions.


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Hi, Yanyan, 

My workaround is creating your JavaScript glossary first, and then save the xml, js and html file all into a folder and upload them to your course file. 

Then in your course page, use an iframe to display the glossary html index page. It works.

Of course, you can host your js file in your own server and use the url in the iframe tag as well.