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How to edit timing of ARC video captions

The captions for videos in ARC are awful!  Does anyone know how I can edit the timings and not just the word content?  They are missing entire sentences of spoken word. Very frustrating!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @kellyms , greetings! As far as I'm aware, you can't edit the timing of videos in Studio (Arc) directly, just the word content. To change the video timing, I'm guessing you'd need to create an SRT or VTT file with the captions (and timings) and then upload that to Studio - 


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @kellyms ...

To add to what  @kona  said, you can download the SRT or VTT file that Studio (formerly called Arc) generated for you, and then you'll need to open up that file in something like Windows Notepad (or whatever the equivalent would be on a Mac).  When opening the file, you'll probably need to select "All Files" because Notepad doesn't usually open those kinds of files.  Once the file is open, you'll see something that looks similar to the example shown on this site:  You'll be able to change the times of the captions...along with the text.  Just be aware that if your video is quite long, this is going to be a long process for you.  Then, upload the file back to Studio.

Hope this helps, Kelly.

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An alternative for you: upload the video to youtube edit the subtitles there, then download the youtube subtitle and upload it to ARC.