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How to embed a screencastify video in a module

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I made a video in screencastify and want to embed it in a module in my class.  Could anyone provide steps on how I should do this?  I appreciate any assistance and guidance.

Dianne Prosack

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Good evening! My apologies if I didn't mention this earlier, but the first

step you need to take after recording the video is change the share

settings so that everyone with the link can view.

To do this, once you stop the Screencastify recording a new tab opens and

you're able to see a preview of the video. On the right side of the screen

you'll see a box with many different settings. Click on "More options",

and then select the drop down where the text says "Private - Only you can

view this video". The menu looks like this:

If you're part of a G Suite Domain (like a K-12 institution) you'll have

similar options above - regardless, as long as there is no private student

or district information in the video I just choose the bottom option,

"Unlisted - People who have the link to the video can view it.". By doing

this, you essentially change the share settings on the video and now

students should be able to access your video via the embed code.

If you need to go back and find a previous video that you recorded and

change the share settings for that one, I find it easiest to navigate to my

Google Drive ( and from there find the folder entitled

"Screencastify" (this folder is automatically created when you install the

extension). Once in that folder, find the video and click on it once to

select it. Once selected, the share button is found in the upper-righthand

corner of the window; click there to adjust the share settings, much in the

same way you would any Google-related product in Google Drive.

If you have any more questions, or you find that this process doesn't solve

your issue, please don't hesitate to reach back out. Thanks, and good luck!

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You've provided great answers here! Thanks for being so helpful to your fellow community members, especially in these difficult times. Please check your direct messages for a small token of our appreciation. :0)

Thanks again for all that you do and keep up the good work!


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@Stefanie , I have embedded the screencastify videos into my modules, and when I look at them, they work. They work in Student View, they work for my fellow teachers who are listed as Observers for my course, but when my actual students log in, instead of being able to click on a link, or watch the embedded video, it just "reset". Any idea what is going on here? Please help.

@bhodgkinson Given how many variables there are in this scenario, the best approach would be for you to ask Canvas Support to have a look.