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How to get the link to send message to a specific teacher in a course?

I want to add a contact link in my homepage that sends students directly to a message to me, not the inbox so they don't have to look for the course and person they want to write to. 

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Hello @maria_barreda and  welcome to the Community.  If you want to make a hyperlink to your email address., you will want to follow these directions (for the Old RCE) or these for the New RCE.  

I do know how to add a link in the RCE, what I need is get the link for a message to instructor, not email but to the Canvas Inbox.  I know how to get the link to the inbox, but I have very young students who will get lost when they have to look for my course and then for my name to be able to contact me. 

I went to the Inbox in my course, and did the search for my class and me.  I got a URL.  This I linked to my homepage.  See if this works for you.  Best of luck!

Hi @maria_barreda ...

I know that you said you have very young kids in your course, but I wanted to offer one additional possibility.  Would you be open to sending your students to the "Help" menu in your course and then to the "Ask Your Instructor a Question" link?  See this Guide for more details: How do I get help with Canvas as a student?.