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How to grade daily classroom participation

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I want to be able to grade students' class participation during each class. I have tried using the Attendance badges, but it does not automatically change the grade once a badge has been added; it is simply for note-taking purposes. I know that I can change the grade manually, but I would prefer a feature that is linked to Gradebook. Does anyone know of a way that I can grade daily classroom participation? Thanks!

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Thanks Dallas.  I just viewed your TurnInIt videos - and gave you badges and points and everything.  Thanks for doing that.  

OK - cut and pasting 3 essay questions for 135 students - doesn't sound like a way I want to go.  The file upload idea - does that mean I create an assignment with the three essay questions in a docx. file that the students download, complete and then upload via TurnItIn?  OK - not bad, but that said - my speedgrader doesn't work and feedback is - well I don't know how I give feedback.  Feeling the instructure folks never taught a class and I've only been teaching for 3 years.  Huhrumph.  

Hey, Thomas! You do not have to cut and paste each response for each student. You download the analytics and copy the column in the grade book and paste it into Turnitin. The colummn will contain every student's response for that question. For three questions, you would copy three columns. If you randomize the questions on the quiz, it will be a few more than three.

For the file upload questions, I would attach a rubric to the quiz to evaluate the essay responses.

Having said all of that, if it is a proctored environment, I would deliver the multiple choice part of the exam in a quiz, and I would deliver the essay part of the exam as a Canvas assignment and hook the assignment to TII with the LTI. To protect the exam questions, I would not publish the assignment until the time of the  exam. Do the essays have to be part of the quiz?

So the TII connects to the LTI with the PPE on top of the CCE for F2F with OBS?  Just a joke, only a couple years in still learning the acronyms - more than the military I say.  

OK - no the time to experiment with the analysis column grade book thingy - I'll look in to that for summer semester, thanks for the idea.  As the clock ticks down I'm going to do what I did last time - quiz, with M/C (see I'm learning) and essays questions in the quiz.  Just called CANVAS - they do a very nice job with customer service.  Nothing new to report on TurnItIn for quizzes - an essay question on a exam - crazy talk they say. ;0  Your suggestions are the best.  More badges for you.  Cheers.

Sorry about the abbreviations! TII is Turnitin, and LTI is Learning Tool Interoperability. LTI is the standard Canvas uses to connect to external tools and services like Turnitin.

Have a good weekend, Thomas!

Hey stefaniesanders ,

I have a teacher ( @avargo ) that is looking at doing something very similar for an employability grade in his class, but his question is what to do if a student is absent one day... How would you show that on the Rubric?  You don't want to give full points and skew the grade, but you don't want to give them zero points and penalize them for being absent.  Any suggestions?

I'm not sure I understand the use case,  @jcrawford . The rubric solution is meant to give students points for being present (e.g. class is held on 20 days, student is present for all 20 days, the rubric has 20 rows of 5 points each—5 for each day—and the student is awarded 5 points for each day present, or the maximum possible points available of 100). Absent students would receive no points for that particular day (20 days possible, 19 days present; student earns 95 points out of 100). Would you clarify?

Hey Stefanie, thank you for responding so quickly. I am the teacher Jennifer referred to. Each day students are assessed on what we call employability skills. I have 4 categories that I score a possible 5 points, giving each student a total of 20 points per day / 100 points per week. Originally I thought it would work to create and copy the assignment each day and then I realized that I will have 45 assignments for a quarter class and 90 for a semester which could be overwhelming for students or parents to wade through. Ideally, it would be best to show one grade per week. So, I created a rubric with 20 criteria (4 categories for each day) with the possible 5 points awarded. This was working until I had a student with an excused absence for illness. Correct, I can't give a score if a student is absent but if he / she is sick for 3 days and has a doctor's note, it seems unfair to score them with a 40 / 100 just because they were ill. I noticed a thread about multi-day assignments and added my vote but (in this scenario) it seems that I need to be able to select a 3 day rubric for this particular student.

My thanks to you and to  @jcrawford  for taking the time to help my think this one through. I love the ability to give my students immediate feedback through a rubric. I was also looking to use this option to help with communication with parents. For students absent, I would send an email to the respective observers communicating about their son / daughters absence and potential make-up work. I hope this clarifies the question / scenario we are wading through.

 @avargo , you've deployed a creative variance of the rubric solution, but it's also one that stretches it past its limits—since, as you know, you can mark an entire assignment "excused," but cannot do the same for a rubric row. I would imagine you could create a separate assignment for a student with an excused absence, attach a customized two- or three-day rubric for that assignment, and selectively assign that specialized assignment only to that student. Is that along the lines of what you were thinking?

Thanks Stefanie. @jcrawford  and I had the same solution in an earlier meeting. I have deployed this option and have found this to work well. Might look cleaner if / when the multi-day assignment becomes available but at least for now I have a workable option which does give me rubric scoring and real-time comments. Thanks for your help.

I like this alot, too. Thanks so much.