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How to hide filenames from students when questions are attached as files in quizzes?

I have created a set of individualized questions to use in an unsupervised online exam in the form of separate documents, one for each student taking the exam. These documents I will attach as files to unique questions which I will, in turn, put in a question bank. In the quiz used for the exam questions will then be selected at random from the questions bank in order to for each student to have a unique exam.

The reason for doing the above is to make it more difficult to cooperate during the exam. I have noticed, however, that the filename is revealed when downloading the file containing the questions. As the filenames are unique it may be possible that students will try to find out if somebody else has gotten the same file so that they can help each other during the exam. (I am not sure that the random selection from a question bank implies that there is a guarantee that no question can be selected more times than one).

I have tried to find ways to hide filenames from students when files are attached as questions. The I could come up with was to modify the <a href="link".....> etc. in the HTML-editor for the question. There I tried include "download=name.docx" to specify a non-unique name for the file with questions. It appears however that this modification is not accepted.

Therefore I would like to ask how I can hide the unique filename of my question file from students?

Does anyone have an idea?

Best wishes,



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I do not know how to hide the file name, but you can make it harder to differentiate between files by using very minor differences in the names.

Have you considered copying the question set into the prompt in the new quiz question?  If you do not use one question at a time, you can start with the first question as the random list, and a response to the first question in the list, and follow that with a list of general question fields for the remaining responses.  (Just don't randomize questions in the quiz settings).