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How to import .doc test bank?

How can I import a .doc test bank into Canvas without having to copy/paste each individual question and answer?

It seems Canvas will only allow test banks in QTI format or from another LMS.

Our institution does not have Respondus (which I have heard does not convert consistently anyway). 

Uploading a .doc test bank was a fairly simple task 10 years ago at an institution I taught at using Blackboard. I would think Canvas could easily implement this technology to save instructors the hours of tedious time it takes to create all quizzes, tests, and final exams, one single question at a time, for each course. 

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Hi, tcrump, this is the subject of a popular feature idea to which you might want to add your support and comments: https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/2086-create-question-banks-from-msword Create Question Banks from MSWord