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How to incorporate Hyperdocs into Canvas

We have used Hyperdocs and various other playlist type of Google Docs/Slides....outside of Canvas.  I am looking for the best way to incorporate these into Canvas.  Here is an example of what I am talking about.  I can embed it as a page....or provide a Google assignment with that doc....or I suppose transform it completely into a Module.  What method has worked best for you and your MS/HS students?  

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Hi !  I see that your question hasn't been answered in a while.  Were you able to figure out a way that is good for you?

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Community Advocate‌,

Hello! From my experience with high school students, embedding a large doc like your PBL hyperdoc becomes overwhelming for those participating in the course. It is also difficult for them to remember where they left off. You might have already figured what works for you, but I would suggest the following options...

Option 1: Modules

  • Utilize several modules that are hyperlinked to a page.  
  • This would work great because you can directly link to specific modules within that one page, which means no one will get lost in the mix trying to find the next step. And because of it being modules, you can set prerequisites and requirements specific to each module. 
  • For Example: 'Explore' could be its own module. You can have a page or text header with directions. And then External URLs for your links. Then 'Explain' would be its own module and so on. 

You could even make it one large module by utilizing the indent and text header features, as well as ensuring the requirements make students move in order.

Option 2: Pages

  • Make each component of the hyperdoc a page. 
  • This will help reduce scrolling and once again help the students keep track of where they are. 
  • Once again, be sure to link all of the pages to one centralized page. 
  • For Example: 'Explore' would be its own page with its specific embedded content and directions. While 'Explain' is its own page. But both 'Explore' and 'Explain' are linked to one centralized page with other assignments that is then linked to the homepage. 

I hope this helps. All the best. Smiley Happy

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My school requires that we have an agenda posted to the calendar for each course, everyday. This will especially come in handy with virtual learning or many absences because students can easily click on the day they were absent and go through the agenda of activities/lesson. So I would then organize all the lesson resources into Modules separated out by units. Just add the resource into Modules by copying the Google Doc/Slides share link. Then paste that link into the agenda too. If you wanted to make it an assignment, it is very easy to link it into the assignment page then link the assignment to modules and the calendar. I do not use pages. I guess you could create a page each day, but then that would be another step to get to it.

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