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How to make "New Activity" disappear from dashboard section

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When you click on the dashboard, it lists upcoming activities like a to-do list as well as previous items. I've opened and viewed all items, but when I click on the "new activity" on the upper left, it shows items with a red circle next to past items as if I haven't viewed them. Is there a way to get the red bullets to disappear so that older tasks don't appear as "new activity"?

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Community Member‌ I am sorry I meant to reply to you but accidentally replied to Nicole. If you could look at my reply to help that would be great. Thank you

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Community Member‌ I have been having the same issues as Nicole. After looking through all the settings and guides I can't seem to find an option to remove past "New Activity" on the Dashboard List View. When looking at dashboard from List View any new activity will have a red dot next to the "new activity"(see jpgs listed). However, even after clicking on it and viewing it, the new activity marks will still be there. Looking for a solution to rid of "New Activity" banner and notification. Attached are some pictures to help. Thank you

- Justin Hartley


As seen above red dot indicates some of the new activity and will not be cleared even after looking at it.


Also after looking through notification settings and clearing to do list this still pop up.

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