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How to manage separate grade books in a cross-listed course (elementary)


I am a 4th & 5th-grade teacher.  My school cross-listed my core subjects (Literacy, Science, and Social Studies) into one Canvas Course.  In the course, there are 3 separate grade books for each of the subjects.  


My problem is, I do not know how to separate the three grade books.  Right now, when I post an assignment it appears in all 3 grade books.  Does anyone know how I can separate each assignment so it gets in the corresponding gradebook?





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Hello @hilgerst You do this when you create the assignment.  Since the cross-listed section contains multiple sets of the same students, they should be in sections still.  I am guessing something like "Hilgerst - Math", "Hilderst - Science".  Since it is the same students in each of those, this is why it is showing in each gradebook.  So, when you create the assignment, in the "Assign to" box, instead of having it assigned to "Everyone" which would include every section, assign it to just the gradebook you want it to show on.

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 10.46.27 AM.png

Since every student is listed in each section, it will still assign it to every student but will only show on the gradebook you want it to correspond to.

Hope this helps!



Hi Nick,

I tried this, but yet assignments still appear in all of the grade books.  I am wondering, is this a categories issue?  I have a summative and formative category in my grade book.  I am picking one of these options when I create the assignment.  Do I need to have a separate formative and summative category for each grade book, like science formative, science - summative?  Any advice on this?


It should not be a category issue as those just add another column in the gradebook and it shows a "sub score" for that category.  Does the column show as greyed out in the gradebooks it does not belong or does it look like you could put grades in?



No, nothing is grayed out.  All of the assignments I am trying to add are active for each grade book, even when I have gone through and assigned them specifically to certain classes.  In the picture below, I am showing you the social studies grade book.  Only the first assignment, the MLK hyperdoc should be active and compiling scores in this grade book.





Can you show a screenshot for the second column's assignment settings (Character Inference)?


Thank you for taking the time to look over this!