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How to override individual total in Gradebook?

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I have looked at Instructor guides and various questions to the community on how I might do this but have drawn a blank 

Issue:  Where we have students do a resit exam - irrespective of what they may have got for an essay and resit exam -their overall grade (total) can only be 50%. 

In our example there are 2 weighted grades used (3: essay + 1: resit exam score)  to make up 2: total 

gradebook view

We want them to see what they got for the essay (3) and resit (2) but only see what final grade they are entitled to because had to resit. i.e. need total to be 50 not 55.8 in example 

It is not possible to manually enter a different grade in total column and we do not want to 'fiddle' the grades for 1 and 3

Canvas Support suggested we 'fudge' the grades but this is only possible with quizzes (our test in the example scores but is not part of total score) so the solution here  does not work for us

Anyone got a workaround???

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changing the assessment weighting would affect all students not just the few who have to have a capped max of 50% if pass a resit exam - so that is not an option. We also want students to see what got if had not been capped, Hence need for an additional column or ability to override INDIVIDUAL final marks 

Please be patient with me as I try to catch up.

You have weighted the final grade for a possible 100%, but are saying there is a max cap of only 50%?

In your screen shot, it appears as though the student just above the one you are referring to has also exceeded the cap at 64.3%

I'm sure I'm missing something.

Thank you for any clarification.

the situation is that there are two assessment - essay (30%) and exam (70%)

if a student FAILS an exam and then passes the resit - the ONLY grade they can have irrespective of what acheived or weightings etc is 50%

but we need to be able to override individual tila grade...

vrs07nl‌ do you mean maximum of 50% for the final grade?

Or do yo mean a maximum of 50% for the "Exam" assignment group?

whoops - lack of clarity there - yes I mean 50% final grade ( total)

vrs07nl‌ if you have not yet read my post, please take a minute to have a look:

The post will walk you through how to adjust the final grade.  The use case that drove my solution was to allow an instructor to drop final grades by one or more letter grades.  However, if you want to deduct a specific number of percentage points to make the grade equal exactly 50%, all you have to do is adjust the math according to your scale.

The big advantage to this approach, in my opinion, is that it allows the instructor to leave a comment on the override to clearly explain to the student why their grade has been adjusted.

If you have read the post and still have questions let me know.

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 @garth ‌ Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my query.  Smiley Happy

I have read your posts and will do a work through next week. I will let you know how I get on ...

Garth Egbert

thanks for working this through for me - your suggestion works and is an alternative to what we were having to do initially 

hopefully  a better option will be built into grades in due course 

Yay!  I'm glad it worked out Smiley Happy