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How to unlock a file after a student completes a quiz or a group completes an assignment?

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Each of my course "units" (implemented as "modules") has two assessments:

1. A quiz.  This quiz includes multiple choice questions and a file upload question.  Its easy for me to let students see the solutions for the multiple choice questions.  I've tried two things to let them see the solutions for the file upload:  (a) I used the rich content editor and then the HTML editor to painstakingly create a suggested solution in the question's answer "comment" box.  It all looks good when I edit it, but all the formatting disappears when the students actually view the question.  So...a wasted half hour.  (b) I tried to make the quiz, then the solution file both "required" and said the students need to complete the requirements in order.  Works fine UNTIL...I add

2. An assignment.  This one is by group, but it doesn't really matter.  I have a "suggested solutions" file that I'd like to give students after the assignment is completed.  There is no "comment" I can make after submission...and, even if there was, if it loses the formatting, it doesn't do me any good anyway.  So, I make both the assignment and the solution file both "required" and said that the students need to complete the requirements in order.

Now, we have the problem...there is no natural ordering of the quiz and assignment.  Students can do the quiz and assignment in whichever order they want.  Some group members may do the (individual) quiz first and submit the group assignment before other group members submit the quiz  Maybe all the group members want to complete the quiz last.  Maybe some want to complete the quiz before the group gets around to the assignment.  In fact, the quiz is only a self assessment and is not actually even required.

What I REALLY need to do is make a file release conditional on finishing a quiz AND another file release conditional on completing an assignment.

Is there any way to accomplish this?  (Before you tell me to create separate modules for (1) the "base content" of the module, (2) the quiz and (3) the assignment, don't.  I already went down that route and tripling or merely doubling the number of modules makes the course ungainly and way to complicated to work through the modules...)


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That doesn't seem to solve the problem.  I even opened it up on an entirely different computer in student view.  Other ideas?

Sorry that it's taken me so long to respond. I've tried this a few different times and as long as you have the file restricted to a specific date it should not open to students. If you are finding that it is opening to students then it is a bug and you need to report it to Canvas Support (go to the file that should be locked and click on the Help link on the left and "Report a Problem.").

Please let us know what you find out from support!

Turns out it opens to your test student regardless of the date so long as the course is not yet published. So you can't test the restrictions until your course is "live."

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know what the problem was!

I misunderstood the line "Students can do the quiz and assignment in whichever order they want," thinking that's what you were observing after you set the modules in Canvas.  In that case setting access by a date, such as what  @kona  is suggesting, is really the only way to go with this.

 @thomas-rietz , to add on to  @kona ​'s recommendation about how to restrict the file with the suggested solutions, that's detailed in How do I restrict files and folders to students in Canvas?

Thanks.  But, it doesn't solve the problem.   It looks like we're stuck with multiple modules per logical course unit.  It seems crazy that you can't do conditional release, but I guess that's the way it is.