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Hyperlinks in the TO-DO list

Let me start by saying I like Canvas.  I am hoping for more testing options, but that will eventually come.  

I can tell you the number one thing that drives faculty nuts is the automatic hyperlinks on the students' "to-do" assignment list.  Canvas has made it so easy for students to simply by-pass any curriculum building that has been done on pages leading to the assignment or discussion post.  

This seriously has to stop.  This is so frustrating, for it doesn't matter how engaging I make pages when students just jump to the assignment.  

The answer is to simply remove the hyperlink to the assignment in the "to-do" list.  

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Hi  @jolliej ‌,

I understand the frustration. In fact, my students click the link, too. This is why I started developing the assignment as the focus and use pages as resources to support the assignment. 

My assignments are based on a “template” that provides a structure to each assignment. This image is a screenshot of the top half but might give you an idea on how to build your own. 


And here is the bottom half — which contains the links. 


After duplicating the assignment template then I add in the details for where students need to read, which discussions to complete, and which quizzes are required. 

Assignment —> discussion, page, quiz 

A remaining challenge is to make sure it’s clear to students to complete the tasks in the correct order. This usually involves placing a note or link to the prior task. I forget this and it can cause student frustration. 

I hope this idea helps and maybe others in the community will chime in on how they overcome the multiple point entry challenge. 

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Hello James Jollie,

The other alternative is to Add the content page to the To-Do List. This feature came out in 2018 and can be set on the page itself. see Edit Page Settings in this guide How do I create a new page in a course? 

Info from the guide:

You can add the page to the student to-do list by selecting the Add to student to-do checkbox [2]. When you add a page to the student to-do, the to-do displays in the student's to-do list as well as the in the course calendar and modules.

The beauty of this feature is that you can also set a date and if your students click things in order, then they'll go to the content page and hopefully just continue clicking Next to go through all the content you show them.

Hope this helps,
Cheers - Shar

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I don't have this option when I open a page.  My only option is the editing of the page for everyone, students, or instructors only.  ????