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I got two Canvas accounts in the same email; can't seem to log in.

So, I basically have 2 different canvas accounts from school, one for active school, and another at the same time for extra online school so that I can miss some of my early classes. I am in Jordan School district and use . Before this, I had saved password for online canvas on another computer, and my school-provided chromebook also has the password saved, and I forgot both of them. It worked fine, since the password was probably different and maybe registered as different accounts, and could access both accounts through different devices. But now I try to log in with a different laptop, as I forgot the password, I reset the password by using the "forgot password". Sending the "You requested a confirmation of your password for logging into Canvas.

This address is associated with the login, "".

Click here to set a new password"   to my school email. 

I clicked the link and changed the password, but it turns out I changed the school canvas account instead of the online school account, and since I don't know the password for the Online school canvas account, and I can't reset the password, I can't access that account. What should I do? Is there a way to get that account back? (I have some urget missing work to do, yet I can't talk to my counselor or the district administrator since it is a weekend. If this could be solved quickly it would be very nice. Thank you!

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Community Team
Community Team

I'm so sorry to see that no one has yet responded to your question. The most likely reason for this, though, is that this is something that would have to be addressed by the support desks for the respective schools in which you're enrolled. The members of this global forum don't have access to your accounts and wouldn't be able to assist with this.

We are hopeful that by now you've been able to resolve the issue on your own. In the interest of keeping questions flowing, we're going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered." Please feel free to come back and post a reply if you still need assistance—or post a new question to Q & A‌ whenever you have questions about using Canvas.