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I hate Canvas - Please help me...

How do you add google docs to your assignments?

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Hi and welcomes to the Canvas Community!  It's great that you posted your question here as this community is full of support and guidance in using Canvas.  First of all, are you an instructor or a student?  Are you trying to submit your Google Doc as a student?  You need to make sure that your instructor has set up the assignment in a way that allows you to do so.  Or are you an instructor who wants to link to a Google Doc?  If you are looking to just post a link that directs someone to a Google Doc, you can do that.  However, Canvas does offer a tool that will allow Google Apps to be integrated within the course, making it much easier to share files through Google Drive.  

Either way, can you please provide more info and a screenshot that shows us what you are trying to do?

I am also including some information below that can help you.  These are for instructors.  

How do I view my Google Drive files in Canvas as an instructor? 

How do I create a cloud assignment with a Google Drive file? 

How do I create a hyperlink or embed a file from Google Drive into the Rich Content Editor as an ins... 

How do I connect to Google Drive as a web service in Canvas as an instructor? 

This is for students.

How do I upload a file from Google Drive as an assignment submission in Canvas? 

Please let us know if you have any other questions.  Have a great day!

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