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I have Moodle (v 2.x) .xml question files into Canvas?

Does anyone know whether this can be done, either directly or through some sort of workaround?

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How to import quizzes from Moodle (2.7/2.x) into Canvas? 

above thread has a lot of helpful information. If that fails, Respondus might be a very good converting tool, and it linked to Canvas question banks directly.

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Our school still has a version of Moodle 2.3 but I haven't used it in years, ever since all my files for one course were obliterated when the tech team switched from one version to another.  However, my courses are still there, so I tried loading one of the xml question bank files I have into it, and it worked.  But the export options are really limited, and none worked for me, either for getting files into Canvas directly or into ExamView, from whence I thought I could manipulate the files into Canvas.  (Then I created a free moodle cloud course (version 3.3) and played around with it and then just gave up.  I do not have the time to figure out how that thing even works; it seemed to me 2.3 was much more intuitive.)  So I've contacted ExamView support, or rather Turning Technologies now, and the following is the response I received:  

It sound like you are running a new version of the ExamView software on a Mac Machine.  The Mac version of ExamView does not have ability to update the file format of older test banks.   

1. Install ExamView version 8 or high on a Windows machines.  
2. open your old banks and test files on the Windows machines.
3. Click on file and select save which update the file format.
4. Do this for any test you want to open on the Mac machine.  
5. Take the update file to the Mac machine and they will be able to open.

So my questions are:  (1) Are any of you running ExamView on a Windows machine?  (2) If you are, is he correct - are you able to somehow get import Moodle .xml question bank files into Canvas?  We are all about the Mac at my school (and my house) but I do have some Windows computers in my lab, so I have requested that our tech team install a copy of Exam View on one of the Windows computers.  I'll report back whether it works.

Hi, Carol,

If I understood you right, you have a question bank generated by Pearson ExamView test generator as XML format. Then you imported these xml files into Moodle, then you want to export these questions out of Moodle and import them into Canvas?

I am curious if you still have these XML files and you still have the ExamView test generator, why don't you use ExamView to convert them directly into QTI and then import the QTI into Canvas?

The source questions were missing? 

Importing an XML Document into the ExamView Test Generator

  1. Click File, mouse over Import and select ExamView XML.
  2. Select an XML test file to import.
  3. Click Open to import the test.

    If there are errors in the XML file, a message appears to identify the location and nature of the error. You must edit the file, correct the error, and save the file. Then, repeat the steps to import the file. The XML specification requires that the file include specific tags and content in a particular format.

Does not work with my Mac version of EV 11.  I get the same error message regardless of whether I try to import the .xml files as question banks or as tests.  


In this case, I would suggest wait until you get the PC version of EV installed and try it again. 

Each XML has a unique root element, maybe a simple tweak such as adding an attribute "examview" to the rootelement can fix the problem.  This is just my wild guess, I have never done this before.

Anyway, good luck, share with us what you find out. it is true that the importing/exporting of XML on a Mac ExamView is notoriously troublesome. 

This is what I get from ExamView when I try to import them into EV:


Now, that may be due to my using the Mac version of EV, as suggested by the Turning Technologies support person's message to me above.  But I won't know until the tech people get EV installed on one of my Windows computers at school and I can try it out.  With the Mac version of EV on my computer at home, I can not get the files into EV, let alone export them as anything else, including QTI files.  


We moved from Moodle to Canvas last year and were able to import entire Moodle courses. The quizzes came over with the rest of the coursework. A few questions may have needed to be adjusted but I know overall we did not have an issue with importing from Moodle. Questions were originally imported to Moodle from Examview.

I suspect the difference in success might be due to different Moodle

versions. Has not worked in our case.

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