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I'm such a Noob. Articulate and Canvas

So, I'm a wicked noob to all of this.  My wife is an instructional designer so she is killing it in Articulate 360...Really Rise 360, but she has never been the person who uploads it to LMS.  So, now that she is doing volunteer work for my organization, we have to figure that out on our own.  So here are a couple questions:

1. How do we create something that we, as the instructor, can pull up the answers to the students' essays and have them for our face to face conferences. 

2. How do we export from Articulate and then get it to work in Canvas?

3. Articulate doesn't have essay type quizzes so is it possible to have articulate and also use Canvas Quizzes?  

4. Are there questions I'm not asking that I should be?

Thank you.


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