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I need help connecting syllabus links and pages

Help!  I input syllabus info to match with each link and it is listed below my assignments but it is not hooked up with each link because I did not cut and paste into each page and begin the page with syllabus,  The pages will not let me add them to my pages.

I am wondering if it is because I did it in the quick start template?

Thank you

Claire Koukoutsakis


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Hi,  @koukoutsakiscla . It sounds like you've already accomplished a good deal, but I think this guide will still prove to be a helpful resource, How do I edit the Syllabus in a course? When it comes to specifically linking from within the editor to another page within your course, I think this guide will have the most applicable information, How do I link to other Canvas pages in a course?  

Check those out and let us know if you need further assistance.