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I need to split the course into 2 separate courses--1 for each section. Anyone know how

Hello! I teach the Business of Film and have two sections for the one course.  Right now, it is one "tile" or card on the Canvas site. How do I make a card or tile for each section?


THANKS to anyone who knows!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @e_b291 ...

It sound like you will need to get in contact with your school's local Canvas administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning / eLearning department about your question.  They may be able to help you create a second, separate course shell for each of your sections.  Or, it may be the case that (if it isn't set up this way already), they could add both sections to the same course shell and enroll students in either section.  We here in the Community wouldn't be able to help make decisions like this for your school, and there may be policies that your school has in place that would dictate what may or may not be possible, so I would highly recommend that you contact someone at your school this week about your question.

I hope this will help a bit...good luck to you!