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IOS PDF Student Annotation not Submitting Current Version

I create a PDF assignment on Canvas for students to Annotate over. 
The students annotate the assignment and "Share" to "Canvas Student" which opens the submit and option to add a comment. - but this does not send the current version. It sends the last opened version...
Meaning for students to successfully turn in what they have on the screen. They have to hit "back" and reopen the pdf and then submit - you probably understand why this leads to issues...

Any Recommendations? Is there a save button somewhere I am missing? 

If they hit the Share button and then "Markup" on their IPAD they can use a third party pdf annotation app and it will send the current version just fine. But, I don't want younger students to be responsible for saving a file and finding it again if they cant complete the assignment in one sitting. 

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