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IXL and Canvas

Is anyone using IXL activities in their classroom and collecting data on students' progress using Canvas?  We want kids to be able to submit evidence of mastery of different skills as students complete them in IXL.  If there are any creative ways to make this data collection simple and streamlined for kids, we'd appreciate your ideas!

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Community Coach​, I wasn't sure what IXL was so I did a bit of googling and found the following website - Since this program is focused on K12 students, I'm going to share this question with the K-12​ group in the Community to see if they can help!

Community Team
Community Team​, so far, it doesn't appear that Community members have much experience with IXL. Because your question invites examples of use cases in the classroom, I've changed the format of your question to an open-ended discussion, and am adding this comment to "bump" its visibility. Smiley Happy


Hi, We use IXL a lot in year 6 to 9 and it is extremely valuable in improving student outcomes. We would love an integration where we could set IXL skills as an "assignment" or "quiz" and the "mastery scores" from IXL get added to the Canvas markbook. Is there someone clever out there who has been able to do this or does it require IXL to build an API/LTI tool to talk between IXL and Canvas? 

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I would love to see an integration where the scores students receive from their IXL practice automatically go to the Canvas grade book.

For now, the way we work around that is to have our students take screenshots of their final work on IXL and submit for the assignment we created in Canvas. 

Then we use the speed grader and go through each student's submissions and type a score in manually for each student.

I have created a grade book in google sheets that allows me to quickly average the skills assigned in IXL and then just import them into Canvas. 

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I would love to be able to assign specific skills as well. 

As for the gradebook integration, I doubt that happens since IXL does not want teachers using the SmartScore as a grade.  It is supposed to encourage a growth mindset and help students internalize the concept of mastery.  

Yes, I see what you mean.

We really just use it for practice and don't require a specific smart score and wouldn't be using the smart score as a grade anyway. We mark the assignment as complete or incomplete and that determines if they can move on to another module or not.

What I would love to be able to do is pull up speedgrader and see the student's progress on specific skills we have assigned for them and then mark complete or incomplete.

I have created a grade book in google sheets that allows me to quickly average the skills assigned in IXL and then just import them into Canvas. 


Has anyone had any luck integrating IXL into Canvas?

I have teachers who use IXL for ELL students and the best solution we have come up with so far is to create a Canvas assignment with a link to a IXL quiz, and where the ask to the student is to report their IXL quiz grade. It's clunky, and we'd love to see if a more seamless integration is possible between IXL and Canvas Gradebook.