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Surveyor II

Image popup inside a quiz question

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Is there a way to link an image file inside a quiz question so that when a student clicks on the link, a popup window with the image shows up?

I do not want to embed the image as it takes up too much space and only contains supplementary information.  I would like to deliver one question at a time and so I cannot just a use the text question option.

Thanks for any tips.


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Hi Paul,

I ran into the same problem with a small popup window for a large image, scroll bars etc.  I also had to also make sure the image resolution was sufficient for small screens.

I ended up going with the embedding the image as a pdf file and disallowing download.  The students could just click to preview, use fullscreen with good resolution, and then minimize to continue with the question.  It also had a nice benefit that any errors in the image required me to just replace the pdf file and the file embedded in the question would be automatically the new version.


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Here's another option:

<h4><span class="element_toggler btn btn-primary" role="button" aria-controls="instructions" aria-label="Toggler toggle list visibility" aria-expanded="false"> Click here for additional information.</span></h4>

<ul id="instructions" style="list-style: none; display: none;">


<h4><strong>Here is The Information You Want</strong></h4>

<p><a href=""><img style="max-width: 500; max-height: 500;" title="Bike cookies" src="" alt="Bike cookies" width="242" height="182" /></a></p>



<p>here is some more text...</p>

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awebster​ I like your solution. The image doesn't momentarily flash on the screen as the question loads like mine was doing. I also like how it appears on the page as opposed to a pop-up window that then has to be closed before continuing with the quiz.

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Hey folks. I added an idea related to this thread. I've tried some of these and other options, but they don't really seem to work just right for what I'm looking for. Most concerning, I haven't been able to get almost any of these to work on mobile. Anyway, I figured I'd share my idea:

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Hey folks. is now open for voting!