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Images not showing

I loaded a page into Commons with images on it as a template for our teachers.  When the teachers load that page into their Canvas course, the images don't show up.  They get a spot that says "image", but not the actual image.  What do I need to do for them?

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Here is what they see:  205668_pastedImage_0.png

Community Coach
Community Coach

I just tried uploading a single page to Commons and then downloading it into a different course and the images and everything came through. Have you tried downloading it into one of your own courses (a different one than the one you uploaded it from)? Have you tried re-uploading/importing the page into Commons?


I am having the exact same problem. I have submitted a help request regarding it. I tried just the single page and a whole module and the images are not coming up in the image repository for the course. Students are just seeing the image placeholder.

Community Team
Community Team​ and​, we haven't had any activity in this discussion for a while. Were you able to get this resolved, perhaps with the assistance of Canvas Support? For now, I will mark this question as "Assumed Answered"; that will not prevent you or others from responding, so please take a moment to update the thread. Thanks!