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Import Assignment Groups from PowerSchool issue

I have an unresolved issue that was passed to the Canvas SIS team a week ago and I was told they will not get to it for another week or two.

I teach PreCalculus and Calculus.

In my Precalculus class, the assignment groups imported just fine. Even my Calculus assignment groups imported into my PreCalculus Class.

However, When I import assignment groups into my Calculus class, it says "success," but the groups will NOT import into my Calculus Canvas class.

Has anyone else had this issue? I feel like I have tried everything.

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Surveyor II

I have had quite a few courses' imported assignment groups get "disconnected" even though the (paper and arrow) icon is there. Its about 1/10 our classes to which this is happening. Though I don't see your specific issue, I wonder if these syncing category idiosyncrasies might be related.